Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a highly nutritious and convenient solution for busy mornings. Just half a cup of raw oats packs 4 grams of fiber — around 13% of your daily needs. They’re also rich in... Read More

Exercise for Joint Health 

If you suffer from joint pain, the last thing you feel like doing is moving. Pain is the ultimate de-motivator, so when you hurt, the impulse is to sit still and wait for it to pass. Unfortunately, when it comes to joint pain, less... Read More

Technology Takes Over

This article was written by Heather Hower and printed in the 2018 Vail Health Magazine. Once upon a time, children played outside until dark and families entertained themselves with games, books and conversation.  Today,... Read More

Fueling For Fitness

Exercise requires more than gumption; it needs fuel. And though there are certainly some tried-and-true guidelines as to what we should eat just before we head out on a hike/bike/run, fueling up begins before that.  “From... Read More

Vail Health Among The 150 Best Places To Work

Becker’s Healthcare recently named Vail Health in its 2019 list of “150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare,” a compilation of hospitals, health care systems and health care companies that promote employee engagement,... Read More