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Vail Health Hospital Construction Project

To better blend the west wing aesthetics of the hospital with the new east wing, improve the in-patient and employee experience in the Patient Care Unit (PCU), Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Family Birth Center (FBC), and relocate clinical services from the Medical Professional Building to the new hospital tower, Vail Health Hospital is continuing its master facility plan during a two-year construction project. The project is broken out into three phases of construction.

To help patients and visitors navigate the hospital, use our way finding tool. Find QR codes throughout the hospital to help you get to your destination, or you can visit
PLEASE NOTE that construction could have an impact on the availability of single patient rooms in the Patient Care Unit and Family Birthing Center and some rerouting of walking paths may occur while upgrades are made to corridors. There will potentially be noise impacts from construction throughout the west wing. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work to improve the experience throughout the facility.

Relocation of Medical Professional Building Services


Vail Health Hospital tower construction began in December 2021 and is underway until July 2022. Included in this project is moving operations from the Medical Professional Building into the 5th floor of the new Vail Health Hospital tower in the east wing. Services that were relocated include: Colorado Mountain Medical and Urgent Care, Cardiovascular Center & Pulmonology offices, Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Gym, and Surgical Associates. In the west wing, the inpatient pharmacy and 2nd floor corridor will also receive significant makeovers.

Colorado Mountain Medical and Urgent Care: Now Open in Hospital East Wing Tower!

Colorado Mountain Medical (CMM) and Urgent Care relocated from the Medical Professional Building into the 5th floor of the Vail Health Hospital East Wing Tower in Suite 5200. The waiting room offers a spectacular southern view of Vail Mountain. The move brings patient services closer together, making it easier for patients to navigate between different services and reducing the need to access two separate buildings for care. Colorado Mountain Medical patients can access the 5th floor of the East Wing Tower using Elevator E either just past the Emergency Department doors or from the parking garage. Complimentary valet parking is also available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at the main entrance of Vail Health Hospital, located off S. Frontage Road.

Surgical Associates, Cardiac Clinic, Pulmonology, Plastic Surgery and Cardiac Rehab Gym

Previously, Vail Health Clinics’ Cardiovascular Center and Pulmonology services were provided in Vail Health’s Medical Professional Building, while Surgical Associates was located on the 2nd floor of the west wing of the hospital and Plastic Surgery was primarily offered on Vail Health’s Edwards campus. Relocating these services to the East Wing Tower positions them closer to the Emergency Department and Imaging, while facilitating patient navigation between Vail Health Clinic services and other hospital offerings. 

To access Vail Health Clinics in the East Wing Tower, patients should park in the Vail Health Hospital parking garage and take elevator E for direct access up to the 5th floor. Complimentary valet parking is also available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at the main entrance of Vail Health Hospital, located off S. Frontage Road.

Once in the hospital, way-finding support will be available via volunteers stationed along the patient pathway as well as through digital way-finding solutions using smartphone technology ( We look forward to sharing our new space with you!

Location Shift: In-Patient Pharmacy in West Wing

The in-patient pharmacy located in the lobby of the west wing will shift location to the space next to the current location. This new space offers more than 2,000 square feet for the pharmacy, increasing staff efficiency and workflow. The in-patient pharmacy will include an expanded receiving area, new break room and conference room, offices and expanded ISO Class 7 and ISO Class 5 hazardous and non-hazardous compounding rooms, and new high-density mobile shelving for future growth.

Construction Project Enhancements

Construction is currently underway and will last from approximately February 2022 until August 2023. This phase includes a refresh to the PCU, ICU, and FBC, all older areas of the hospital that will be updated with new aesthetics and finishes, as well as improved workflow for employees. This phase also includes the addition of a Chapel, Chaplain’s office and family waiting room.

Family Birth Center Upgrades

All Family Birth Center (FBC) delivery rooms will receive new flooring, paint, ceilings, and toilet room doors. The postpartum rooms will also receive flooring and paint updates. All patient rooms will receive infrastructure for future smart room technology, which will be implemented in mid-2023. The nurse station and staff break room will receive upgrades, and a triage room and a parent changing room will be added on the east end of the Family Birth Center.

Intensive Care Unit Upgrades

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) will be upgraded with new flooring and paint. All patient rooms will receive infrastructure for future smart room technology, which will be implemented in mid-2023.

Patient Care Unit Upgrades

The north and west Patient Care Unit (PCU) rooms will receive new flooring, paint, ceilings, and restroom upgrades, including new toilet room doors. The showers will be renovated to eliminate the current curbed shower entry and be replaced with sloped access for easier entry. New tiling will also be added throughout the restroom. Plumbing fixtures on showers and sinks will be upgraded. The PCU rooms will be set up as a single patient room for a better patient experience but still be able to operate in an overflow capability for two patients, when necessary. All patient rooms will receive infrastructure for future smart room technology, which will be implemented in mid-2023. Nurse stations on both the east and west PCU will be upgraded, with a central workstation, specimen printer, and accessories for staff efficiency and overall improved workflow.

Smart Room Technology

In late summer 2023, all infrastructure will be in place to implement smart room technology in patient rooms. This service will integrate with new smart monitors in rooms to provide enhanced entertainment, food ordering and educational services to the patients in the Patient Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit and Family Birth Center.

New Chapel and Chaplain’s Office

A new addition to Vail Health Hospital, a Chapel and Chaplain’s office will be added on the 2nd floor of the west wing. This location will allow the Chaplains to be closer to patients’ rooms and visitors and will be a multi-denominational space. The physician’s sleep room and hospitalist office previously located in the space will be relocated to the north of the central wing.

Family Waiting Room Addition

A family waiting room will be re-added to the 2nd floor of the west wing.

Corridor Construction Projects

Corridor construction projects will occur later and includes updates to the aesthetics and finishes of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor corridors of the west wing to blend with the look of the east wing.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Floor West Wing Corridors

All corridors and elevators will be upgraded to reflect the finishes and aesthetics in the east wing. Ceilings will be replaced, as needed. Some rerouting of walking paths will occur while construction is being completed to the corridors. There will potentially be noise impacts from construction.

Now Open: Dillon Health Center

Located at 365 Dillon Ridge Road, Dillon, CO 80435

The Dillon Health Center brings premier healthcare services to a convenient Summit County location. The Dillon Health Center opened on November 16, 2021 and features the following services:  

Learn more →

Eagle County's Hospital of the Future Is Complete

Since 1965, Vail Health has become the world’s most advanced mountain healthcare system, providing Olympic-quality orthopaedics and sports medicine, leading evidence-based research, modern cancer care and extensive cardiology capabilities. The need for increased space, enhanced technology and modernized infrastructure has been met.  

Vail Health's New Entrance Opened December 1, 2020

Our updated 520,000-square-foot hospital in Vail improves access to high quality care by including:
  • A state-of-the-art 24/7 Emergency Department with dedicated behavioral health rooms for patients in crisis
  • A roof-top helipad with direct elevator access to the hospital, reducing transport times by 30-45 minutes
  • Improved medical space for nurses and providers
  • Additional operating rooms
  • A new imaging/radiology department
  • Increased covered parking
  • A main entrance off South Frontage Road West
  • An enclosed loading zone and covered, snowmelt concrete ambulance bay
  • LEED certified standards
  • A new pharmacy, gift shop, Starbucks and outdoor patio with scenic views of Vail Mountain

Summer 2020: Chris Knight, Construction Director, offers a virtual tour of the hospital’s construction progress.