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da Vinci Xi Surgical System

da Vinci Xi Surgical System
Vail Health has brought the da Vinci Xi Surgical System to our operating suite. This advanced technology can be used across a spectrum of minimally invasive surgeries, including urological procedures and hernia repair. The precision of this technology results in shorter recovery times and better patient outcomes.

The da Vinci surgical system is an advanced set of instruments used in performing robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. The term “robotic” often misleads people. Robots don’t perform surgery. Your surgeon performs surgery with da Vinci by using instruments that he or she guides via a console.

The da Vinci system translates the surgeon’s hand movements at the console in real time, bending and rotating the instruments while performing the procedure. The tiny wristed instruments move like a human hand, but with a greater range of motion. The da Vinci vision system also delivers highly magnified, 3D high-definition views of the surgical area. The instrument size makes it possible for surgeons to operate through one or a few small incisions.

Bringing the state-of-the-art technology of da Vinci to Vail demonstrates Vail Health’s commitment to providing the best patient care across our mountain communities.

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