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Pre-Surgical Planning (PSP)

Pre-Surgical Planning: (970) 479-5144
Admissions: (970) 479-7261
Insurance Support Team: (888) 652-7640 or (970) 777-2902
Office hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday-Friday.
Once surgery has been scheduled, your physician will refer you to the PSP office.  The goal of the PSP department is to provide a superior patient surgical experience by providing enhanced safety, efficiency, and quality, while providing a compassionate environment to produce exceptional patient outcomes.  This is done by first obtaining a complete a history and assessment of each surgical candidate either performed by phone or in person (the PSP office is on the first floor of the hospital near the rear of the main elevators).  The nurses in PSP collaborate with your surgeon as well as the anesthesia team to determine if you may need any pre-admission lab work, an EKG or x-rays, you may need prior to your day of surgery to ensure best safety and quality outcomes for your procedure.   

Pre-Registration for Birth

(888) 652-7640 or (970) 569-7648
Monday through Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM
Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Vail Health wants to make preparing for your hospital visit as easy and stress free as possible. We understand that you want the best medical care available and that you want your birthing experience be private and personal with individual attention to you and your family.  
We can help you pre-register for your upcoming birth. Our team will begin by contacting your insurance company to obtain your health benefits. The insurance verifier will also calculate your estimated patient liability based on your individual insurance coverage.