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A New Approach to Ergonomics

You might want to take a seat for this—new studies from Cochrane, an international research network dedicated to studying health care data, show that those who work at a desk don’t need the perfect work station for proper... Read More

What’s the Rub on Grilled Meats?

Grilling meat, fish and other animal proteins can create carcinogens that lead to cancer. Outdoor barbecues are a staple of summer traditions in America. After all, what would the 4th of July, summer cookouts and tailgate food... Read More

Medicaid Enrollment Assistance

In our mountain region, 10.2 percent of our community does not have health insurance. While this is a significant decrease and improvement from 14.3 percent of uninsured in 2019, this number is still too high. Our government... Read More

The Elevate Award: Recognizing Our People

The “Elevate Award” is a Vail Health Patient Experience award program that provides ongoing, meaningful staff recognition, acknowledging the skill and compassion our team members provide to patients and their families. This... Read More