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Myths Busted: The Flu Vaccine

It's that time again flu season. Influenza (flu) is a serious contagious disease that affects thousands of people each year. One of the best ways to prevent contracting the flu is to get the flu vaccine. Unfortunately each year many... Read More

Medical Gifts for Uganda

One man's treasure is another man's trash so the saying goes. Not that the X-ray machine was really trash it had helped countless patients over the years. But as Vail Valley Medical Center upgraded the machine to newer digital... Read More

Snedeker's Wins Come After Vail Surgery

How many career-changing events can you have in one year? Four and counting if you are professional golf star Brandt Snedeker. Snedeker had hip surgery at the Steadman Clinic in November of 2011 won a PGA tournament 90 days later at... Read More

Those Were the Days

Ask a bunch of local doctors about starting the hospital and youget stories. Like the time a guy shot himself in the heart with a nail gun.Or when a father accidentally shot his son in the head. (We'll giveaway the ending: The kid was... Read More

VVMC Earns Nuclear Medicine Accreditation

VVMC has been awarded a three-year term of accreditation innuclear medicine as the result of a recent review by the AmericanCollege of Radiology (ACR). Nuclear medicine is a branch of medicalimaging that uses small amounts of... Read More

Cassat Joins Steadman Clinic

The Steadman Clinic an orthopedic clinic with facilitieslocated in Vail and Frisco has hired Dr. Michael Cassat to joinits specialized team of physicians. Cassat brings a family medicineand primary care sports medicine background to the... Read More

How to Stay Healthy at Altitude

Moving on up isn't always so comfortable. High-altitude living can bring about physical stresses and it's important to assist your body in adjusting to mountain elevations. A registered nurse at Vail Health offers new... Read More