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Patient & Family Advisory Council

Patient & Family Advisory Council

For questions or to learn more, contact the Office of Patient Experience at (970) 479-5124 or email us at

Vail Health is committed to understanding the health care experience through the eyes of patients and their families.

Our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) represents the voice of Vail Health patients and families who have unique experience, insights, expertise and perspectives that are invaluable to improving care. The council is an opportunity for patients and families to participate as partners in planning services and systems that can positively shape the patient experience at Vail Health.

A Patient and Family Advisor is a voluntary commitment by someone who has had a recent experience either as a patient, or the family member of a patient being cared for by Vail Health. Advisors will attend monthly meetings with Vail Health staff and physicians to provide direct input into policies, programs and practices that affect the patient experience to improve health care in our community.
  • Patients or family members who have received care at Vail Health Hospital or one of our outlying clinics or departments.
  • Someone who is interested in sharing experiences to improve care for everyone.
  • Respect of differing opinions and the ability to work well with others.
  • Possesses skills necessary for working in a collaborative environment.
  • Someone who listens well and can communicate in a group.
This is a volunteer position. Depending on your level of involvement, a 1-3 hour commitment will be requested each month. Advisory council meetings will typically be held at the same time/day of the week each month.

For questions or to learn more, contact the Office of Patient Experience at (970) 479-5124 or email us at