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Considering Cosmetic Procedures

Emily Tamberino

Local sixty-year-olds are often mistaken for their younger counterparts when seen shushing down the slopes, hiking the trails or heading out to the pickleball courts. However, an active lifestyle does not typically equate to looking young. With every decade we grow older, our skin loses elasticity, and fat can accumulate in unwanted areas. This, in turn, can weigh heavy on self-confidence, especially for those who are doing all the right things to look their best.

“Many of us who live here invest a great deal of effort and pride in eating well, exercising and taking care of our health,” explains Brianna Maher, a certified physician’s assistant and registered nurse with Vail Health Plastic Surgery. “It can be frustrating when all that hard work doesn’t translate into visible improvements.” 

Cosmetic procedures can address body image concerns, thereby enhancing self-esteem and improving overall quality of life. 

“Our goal is to empower our patients,” says Maher. “We want to help people make positive transformations so they can fully embrace themselves.” 

Dr. Jason Martin, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Vail Health, shares, “In my experience, small improvements can lead to really amazing changes. Listening to each patient’s goals, we offer a variety of treatments, technologies and procedures to tailor a plan that ensures results are natural, subtle and long-lasting. Most importantly, we honor who you are; we do not change how you look."

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported 26.2 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic and reconstructive procedures were performed in the United States in 2022. That’s a 19% increase since 2019, demonstrating a growing interest in addressing body image concerns and reversing the visible signs of aging. People who get cosmetic procedures report feeling more body-positive and self-accepting. 

Plastic surgery procedures range from cosmetic enhancements to reconstructive surgery. Dr. Martin is specialty trained in reconstructive surgery, including scar revisions, treatment of melanoma, closure and revision of Mohs procedures and repair of traumatic injuries to the face. He also offers Botox injections and minimally invasive, in-office body contouring with VASER-assisted liposuction, which provides an efficient, affordable and anesthesia-free alternative to plastic surgery. “The results are transformative and you avoid the risks associated with asleep surgery,” explains Maher. “It is a simple procedure. You walk in, the procedure takes 1-2 hours and then you walk out. It’s really an amazing alternative.” 

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, call Vail Health’s plastic surgery team at (970) 569-7656 or visit