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The Family Birth Center offers a comprehensive lactation program for new mothers, including education, individual consultations and breast pump rental. Lactation consultants and RNs are available to provide breastfeeding support during your hospital stay. After discharge, consultations are available by appointment to help with any breastfeeding questions or concerns.
This 1½-hour class is designed to help pregnant women learn the techniques and possible challenges of breastfeeding. Topics include the benefits of breastfeeding, positioning, latch-on, establishing your milk supply, how to know if baby is getting enough milk, pumping, returning to work and much more! It is best to take this class one month prior to your due date and after any childbirth classes. Fathers are also encouraged to attend.*
Breastfeeding provides many health benefits for both the mother and her baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics, World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and many other professional organizations recommend exclusive breastfeeding for at least six months or longer. Here at Vail Health, we are supportive of breastfeeding and encourage skin-to-skin as well as feeding on demand while rooming-in with your baby. Some health benefits for the mom include decreased risk for breast and ovarian cancers and osteoporosis, and often, women who breastfeed experience a quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight. Breastfeeding benefits for baby include fewer respiratory, ear and urinary tract infections; easier digestion; fewer allergies; and decreased risk of obesity.
Families can rent Vail Health's Symphony Breastpump by Medela. Symphony is Medela's latest innovation in hospital-grade electric double pumps. With its 2-Phase Expression pumping, Symphony is proven to reduce pumping time through faster let-down and milk flow and remove as much milk as a breastfeeding baby. For information about breast pump rentals, please call (970) 479-6455 (MILK).
Parents are encouraged to meet other parents, develop friendships, talk about their babies' milestones, discuss breastfeeding or other concerns and celebrate triumphs at the weekly Baby and Me in Edwards. No registration is required.
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