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Patient & Guest Support Services

Vail Health provides free language services to people whose primary language is not English. If you need these services, contact the receptionist or the nurses caring for you or call  1-844-352-6735. 

 Free Language Services (pdf)
Our Social Services Department may be of assistance to you if you are experiencing hardship or difficulty with your loved one's state of health. Please let a member of our staff know if you need to meet with Social Services and we will arrange a time.
Pastoral services are available for patients and their families 24 hours/day, seven days/week, extending spiritual care to everyone who requests it, regardless of their faith orientation.
The following services can be provided by our hospital chaplain or volunteer chaplains:
  • When you need to speak with someone about spiritual or emotional concerns.
  • When you feel the need for prayer or would like to receive a blessing or the sacraments.
  • When you need help finding or contacting spiritual resources in the community. Our chaplains are able to reach out to your faith community.
  • When there is a new diagnosis or a recurrence, especially of a serious or life-limiting disease.
  • Before surgery or other procedure that might create anxiety or fear.
  • To be with family and friends during difficult times or if there is family conflict.
  • To struggle together with unanswerable questions like, "Why is this happening to me?" or "Where is God?"
  • When a patient is facing death or to help with funeral arrangements.
  • When a staff member needs support.
  • Religious rites and rituals as requested by patients, families and staff and as appropriate to the hospital environment. 
To reach a chaplain, do one of the following:
Ask your attending nurse to contact Chaplain Services
Dial the hospital operator at "0" on any hospital phone
A patient representative is available to you and your family to answer any questions or concerns you may have. For assistance, please call (970) 477-5222.
Vail Health's Ethics Resource Committee is available for patients and caregivers who may be struggling with a difficult decision involving health care. The Committee is comprised of individuals who are trained to facilitate and guide discussion. The Committee does not make medical decisions, but listens to and responds to patients, staff, physicians and caregivers to clarify issues and explore options and possible outcomes.
To get in touch with the Ethics Resource Committee, please ask your nurse to request an Ethics Consultation on your behalf.