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Vail Health places the patient and family at the center of the organizational focus. This model, known as Relationship-Based Care (RBC), enables patients to be active participants in their health care.
Relationship-Based Care (RBC) has three components:
1. Our relationships with patients and families
2. Our relationships with ourselves
3. Our relationships with our co-workers

Patients And Families

Improving our relationships with patients and families can be carried out in many ways, including spending quality time with our patients and involving them in their care plan. The RBC model is also based on keeping the patient's and family's interests at heart when making decisions about care and creating hospital policies. Providers understand that no two patients have the same needs or concerns about their care. It is for this reason that Vail Health staff are attentive to what is important to the patients and families we serve.


We need to take care of ourselves so that we can be the best caregivers possible. The capacity for self-care and self-knowledge means that we are able to balance the demands of our job and take care of ourselves in all situations.


This component of Relationship-Based Care addresses the need to be kind, considerate and mature in our interactions with one another. Our staff values and respects every member of the team regardless of the department or job title. We aim to "treat others as we would wish to be treated."

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