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Behavioral Health

If this is a mental health emergency, contact Your Hope Center at (970) 306-4673.


Vail Health is a partner in the Eagle Valley Behavioral Health initiative. Thanks to a $60 million commitment from Vail Health, a new nonprofit is being formed to transform the behavioral health landscape in our valley. Resources are being reserved for the development of an integrated, cross-functional facility to increase capacity, ensure 24/7 access, and create behavioral health bed space in our community. Additionally, we are working with the community to develop additional, specific initiatives including:
  • Launching an effort to make it easier for patients to see health care professionals and receive care
  • Making sure behavioral health care is available in Spanish to help ensure that all members of our community are able to access care
  •  Working to streamline communications across organizations so patients receive coordinated care
  • Providing more opportunities for telehealth
  • More education, awareness, and prevention