Anticoagulation Clinic

Phone: (970) 471-4948  |  Fax: (970) 470-6648
Vail Health's Anticoagulation Clinic provides convenient care for patients taking warfarin (Coumadin®), heparin and low molecular weight heparin. These medications, which are blood thinners, control the blood's ability to clot and are prescribed to prevent the formation of harmful blood clots. Careful monitoring can prevent bleeding and clotting complications.
The Anticoagulation Clinic at the Cardiovascular Center is a training site for pharmacy students from the University of Colorado and is managed by a doctor of pharmacy and a nurse practitioner who:
  • Provide education to prevent complications related to blood thinners.
  • Review drug interactions and lifestyle influences that impact blood thinners.
  • Monitor lab results performed in our three clinic locations, at home or remotely, and adjust blood thinner dosing accordingly.
  • Guide the management of blood thinners for invasive procedures.