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Vail Health Financial Assistance

Vail Health's financial counselors are committed to helping you understand your options. To contact one of our counselors, call (970) 477-3116 Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.

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Financial Assistance Content and Translation
Financial Assistance Program
Vail Health provides financial assistance to uninsured patients who do not have sufficient resources to pay for services. And is compliant with Colorado Hospital Discount Care bill. (HB-21-1198) financial assistance is provided on a sliding scale to uninsured Individuals with an annual household income up to 550% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, and insured patients up to 250% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. 

Vail Health Patient Assistance Fund
Available to Eagle County patients and their families who display a genuine need for financial support to help minimize financial burdens resulting from a medical condition. To learn more, click on the drop-down menu below.

In addition to helping patients apply for financial assistance from Vail Health, our bilingual financial counselors can refer patients to charitable and government-sponsored financial assistance programs. 
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  1. Read through the resources in this section to familiarize yourself with Vail Health’s patient financial assistance program.  
  2. Speak with a Vail Health financial counselor about financial assistance options by calling (970) 477-3116.
  3. Once eligibility is determined, complete a financial assistance application and submit by mail or in person.
    • Mail: PO Box 40,000 Vail, CO 81657  |   Attn: Financial Assistance Department 
    • In Person: Vail Health Hospital - Admissions Dept: 180 South Frontage Road West, Vail, CO 81657
You will receive an eligibility letter from the Vail Health Financial Assistance Department within sixty days after submitting a completed application with appropriate supporting documents. 


Financial Assistance Policy Summary (pdf)                 Financial Assistance Policy (pdf)

Financial Assistance Sliding Scale (pdf)                       Federal Poverty Guidelines (pdf)


Norma de Asistencia Financiera Resumen (pdf)            Norma de Asistencia Financiera (pdf)

Escala Progresiva de Asistencia Financiera (pdf)           Directrices Federales de Pobreza (pdf)
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Thank you for choosing Vail Health for your health care needs. We are committed to improving the health and well-being of everyone in our community. To that end, we are pleased to offer our financial assistance to help individuals and families who need assistance. 

Download and print Financial Assistance Application (pdf)  
Descargar e imprimir Solicitud Asistencia Financiera (pdf) 
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The Vail Health Foundation established the Patient Assistance Fund for Eagle County patients and their families who display a genuine need for financial support to help minimize financial burdens resulting from a medical condition.

General Guidelines:
  1. The Vail Health Patient Assistance Fund is available to current and past Vail Health patients who display a need for financial support to help minimize burdens resulting from a medical condition.
  2. The Vail Health Patient Assistance Fund will consider requests for basic living needs such as mortgage, rent, utilities, etc.  Payments will not be made directly to patients; instead they will be paid directly to the vendor.
  3. The Vail Health Patient Assistance Fund does not approve requests for direct medical expenses.
  4. There are no income-guidelines and/or restrictions in terms of eligibility. 
  5. Patients and survivors who express financial distress must be formally screened and assessed by a financial counselor who can attest and verify the necessity for the request. 
  6. Patients will be notified of the outcome of their request and advised to allow 4-6 weeks for processing of the check to be issued.
For more information and to apply for the Patient Assistance Fund, call (970) 479-7283 or email
Vail Health supports the Colorado Hospital Discount Care Bill and provides financial assistance to patients who qualify. To apply for financial assistance, please call one of our financial counselors at (970) 477-3116.