Technology Takes Over

This article was written by Heather Hower and printed in the 2018 Vail Health Magazine. Once upon a time, children played outside until dark and families entertained themselves with games, books and conversation.  Today,... Read More

Fueling For Fitness

Exercise requires more than gumption; it needs fuel. And though there are certainly some tried-and-true guidelines as to what we should eat just before we head out on a hike/bike/run, fueling up begins before that.  “From... Read More

Vail Health Among The 150 Best Places To Work

Becker’s Healthcare recently named Vail Health in its 2019 list of “150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare,” a compilation of hospitals, health care systems and health care companies that promote employee engagement,... Read More

Not All Carbs Are Created Equally

With the rise in popularity of the paleo and keto diets, carbohydrates are sure getting a bad reputation. Truth is, if you’re regularly active, your body needs carbs for energy and recovery.   Vail Health's... Read More

Exercise And Aging Well

For many of Eagle County’s 50+ crowd, growing older isn’t a barrier to activity but rather an opportunity to keep going strong. Retirement often comes with increased leisure time, and couples such as George and Charlene... Read More

Valley Voices Column By Will Cook

Vail Daily, Valley Voices Column - Will Cook | May 2019 While my wife and I had visited the Eagle River Valley for many years, we didn’t fully appreciate what it means to be a member of this community until we moved here... Read More