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Recognizing Our People

The “Elevate Award” is a Vail Health Patient Experience award program that provides ongoing, meaningful staff recognition, acknowledging the skill and compassion our team members provide to patients and their families.

Patient and family members are encouraged to nominate staff who made a meaningful difference in their health care experience. Nominees can work in any area of our healthcare system—from admissions to the lab, to our surgery centers, Howard Head Sports Medicine, Shaw Cancer Center, Colorado Mountain Medical, Eagle Valley Behavioral Health and more.

This award directly aligns with our organizational mission of elevating health across our mountain communities. To nominate a staff member, fill out the form below or pick-up a printed form in one of our facilities.

Tell us your story and nominate a staff member who has made a meaningful difference in your experience. Nominees are selected based on the description of the patient or family member's experience, so please share a full description with at least a few sentences.
I Would Like to Nominate:
(Please nominate only one person for the award.)
Tell Your Story:
Please describe the situation that clearly demonstrates how this employee made a meaningful difference in your experience.*
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Please tell us about yourself so that we may include you in the celebration should the employee you nominated be chosen.

Elevate Award Recipients

2024 Winners

2023 Winners

2022 Winners