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Vendor Information

Vail Health's supply chain management department is continuously looking for suppliers who can help us provide our  managed entities with the right products and services at the most competitive price, enabling us to further our mission to extend the best affordable healthcare to our patients.
Please take the following steps if your company is interested in doing business with Vail Health:
  1. Fill out the Pre-Qualification form.
  2. Fill out the Conflict of Interest (COI) form
  3. Hit submit or email the completed forms to for processing.
Qualifying suppliers will be added to our vendor database. We will contact you for potential business opportunities, RFP’s or bid proposals. 
If you are already are a qualified supplier in our database, please use our vendor registration portal REPTRAX when scheduling appointments within your assigned contact category.

Provider Information

Vail Health Hospital and our outpatient locations and services is a community focused, independent health system. Our mission is to elevate health across our mountain communities.

Ensuring our patient’s medical records are compliant with regulatory agencies reduces patient safety risks and increases continuity of care. Please read our Letter to Community Partners to understand updates to Vail Health outpatient tests and services.

> Vail Outpatient Service Requisition
> Vail Lab Requisition
Vail Health requires orders for all outpatient services to be compliant with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) regulatory requirements. CMS requires that a qualified Provider order all services provided by a Hospital. In addition, there are specific elements required to be included on each order. If any of these items are not included, the order is not compliant and cannot be accepted:
  • Reason for ordering test or service (e.g., diagnosis description, sign, symptom & ICD-10-CM diagnosis code)
  • Test or service being ordered (described through a narrative & CPT code)
  • Name of Provider ordering test or service
  • Signature of Provider ordering test or service, including date and time signed
  • Telephone number of Provider ordering test or service
  • Patient name
  • Patient date of birth
  • Date of order 
If you have questions about order requirements, please contact our Health Information Management Director at  (970) 569-7416.