Get Outside

When it comes to the ultimate gym, it’s hard to beat the outdoor playground that is Eagle County. Indoor workouts are nice on rainy or cold days, and the gym is a great place for targeted strength training, but most people would... Read More

Vail Health - Journey To A Safer Culture

Written by Vail Health’s Erin Satsky and Brittany Clymer for The Center for Patient Safety’s spring 2019 newsletter.  Vail Health is a 56-bed community hospital serving patients and guests from Eagle County,... Read More

Vail Health’s Amy Lavigne Honored

VAIL, CO—Vail Health’s Amy Lavigne recently received the Colorado Health Care Star Award for exceptional health care professionals. Nominated by Vail Health’s Chief Nursing Officer, Sheila Sherman, Amy was recognized... Read More

Exercise for positive mental health

During his second deployment to iraq in 2007, Tim Johannsen lost both legs: below the knee on his right leg, and above the knee on his left leg. Once doctors moved him out of his hospital bed, he and his wife lived in a rehab... Read More

10 Ways To Get In Physical Activity in Eagle County

Regular aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise is an indispensable part of a healthy life — we all know it, whether we’ve heard it from our health care provider or read it in an article like this one. In fact, the American... Read More

Vail Health buys two Edwards commercial buildings

This article was printed in the Vail Daily on February 18, 2019. EDWARDS — Vail Health spent more than $14 million to buy a pair of commercial buildings where it plans to make some of its vision a reality. The local... Read More