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Rural Cancer Center Big City Specialists

VAIL CO — Physicians and staff of the University of Colorado Cancer Center recently renewed a nearly 10-year partnership with Shaw Regional Cancer Center enhancing access to big city specialists and making clinical trials available to... Read More

Eternal Youth

While aging is inevitable longevity is accessible. Local experts share the best ways to extend your years from the inside-out.  JOINTS "Joint health is so important because mobility and activity are two of the... Read More

Exercises for every age

Howard Head Sports Medicine is known for being the best in helping people recover from an injury. But what you may not know is that they also specialize in injury prevention (not just rehabilitation) through exercise. In fact some of... Read More


VAIL CO — Three years ago Dave Bentley was wrapping up a ski day at Vail when he started having pain in his chest. Healthy and active with no history of medical issues the 65-year-old Cordillera resident assumed it was something... Read More

Vail lodge hospital work on land trade

VAIL — There's a lot of technical work to finish before construction can begin on an extensive renovation plan for Vail Valley Medical Center. And that work may lead eventually to redevelopment of a longtime Vail lodge.... Read More

A Glance At Your Gland

You're in your 20s and loving life. You ski hike bike and get outside to play in the mountains whenever possible. You eat healthily don't drink too much and get plenty of sleep. Yet you're always tired and you're gaining weight. It just... Read More

The Acid Reflux Test

“We'd just finished climbing at the rec center in Gypsum” Jeff Shroll remembers. “I was beating on my chest complaining about the acid reflux that I'd had for a decade or more. He looked at me and said 'I can fix that.' I said 'I'm... Read More

Vail Valley Medical Center Is Prepared For Ebola

VAIL CO —While the initial panic over an Ebola outbreak in the United States has begun to subside Vail Valley Medical Center is prepared. VVMC has partnered with Colorado Mountain Medical Eagle County Paramedics Services and Eagle... Read More

You Could Have Diabetes And Not Even Know It

According to the CDC about 29 million Americans have diabetes. Over 8 million of them don't even know it. Diabetes is directly responsible for approximately 230000 deaths annually and over 300000 cases of disability. The total cost... Read More