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You Could Have Diabetes And Not Even Know It

According to the CDC about 29 million Americans have diabetes. Over 8 million of them don't even know it. Diabetes is directly responsible for approximately 230000 deaths annually and over 300000 cases of disability. The total cost... Read More

Where will Vail hospital's helipad sit?

VAIL — Air ambulance service into and out of Vail isn't frequent but it is important. Where to land those helicopter flights is a big part of Vail Valley Medical Center's future facilities plan. There was one flight... Read More

Hospital Marketing Team Brings Home 8 Awards

VAIL CO — Vail Valley Medical Center's marketing team recently won eight healthcare marketing awards at the 2014 Gold Leaf Awards ceremony in Denver. Awards were given to healthcare communication and marketing professionals throughout... Read More

Hospital Welcomes New Foundation President

Vail Valley Medical Center recently announced the appointment of Daniel Pennington who will serve as president of the Vail Valley Medical Center Foundation. “Dan brings 25 years of invaluable experience in philanthropy nonprofit... Read More

Doctors Urge Virus Precautions

EAGLE COUNTY — Coughs fevers and stuffy noses — Eagle pediatrician Dr. Janet Engle has been seeing it through the summer and she said she expects to keep seeing it as winter approaches. “It could make for a more severe flu season”... Read More

Drs. Abbott & Shultz Honored with Physician Awards

VAIL CO — Vail Valley Medical Center president and CEO Doris Kirchner honored the 2014 winners of the Physician of the Year and Rising Star awards presented to Drs. Abbott and Schultz respectively. Dr. Mindy Cooper vice president of... Read More

Will Large Trucks Still Ply Meadow Drive?

Scott Miller | The Vail Daily As Vail Valley Medical Center plans its future — a likely $100 million renovation program — Meadow Drive is drawing a lot of attention. Specifically town and medical center officials are trying to... Read More

Pink Vail Funds Help Patients Tackle Rough Waters

Edwards CO—Many people would fervently disagree with Dana Clark when she says “I don't look at having cancer as a bad thing.” But others who have participated in Shaw Regional Cancer Center's survivorship programs – from gentle yoga... Read More