Meet Your Doctor: Dennis Lipton MD

A Texas native Dr. Dennis Lipton is the newest addition to the medical team at Colorado Mountain Medical. Since his college days at Texas A & M throughout medical school at UT Houston and his residency and ensuing urgent/primary... Read More

No Heart Stoppers Allowed

For Lynn Blake the Vail Valley was a pretty safe place to experience sudden cardiac arrest. She now wants to make it the world's safest. In 2007 when Blake was 27 she collapsed of a sudden cardiac arrest while at work in Vail Village.... Read More

Hike Wine and Dine on September 22

Leave your granola bars at home if you come for the fifth annual Hike Wine & Dine at Beaver Creek! Hikers participating in this year's event will refuel along the trail with some of the region's best gourmet tastings and spectacular... Read More

Keeping it Real: VVMC's New Mobile Simulation Lab

Vail Valley Medical Center President and CEO Doris Kirchner was on a tour of the esteemed Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore when she walked by a room that caught her eye. Inside health care professionals were circled around a human... Read More

Childbirth 101

Before attending childbirth classes at Vail Valley Medical Center Marian and Luke Cartin had a somewhat ominous outlook of the hospital. To them it was simply the clean cold white box in which people experienced some of life's most... Read More

Surfing for Nutrition?

Author Katie Mazzia MS RD CDE is a nutritionist at Vail Valley Medical Center. The Internet can be an awesome resource for food and nutrition information however not all of it is reliable or credible. Below are some of my favorite... Read More

The Ins and Outs of Prostate Cancer

The most common cancer among American men prostate cancer is not the deadliest one out there — lung cancer is. But when it comes to testing for prostate cancer and treating it it is one of the most complex and controversial. Because... Read More

Diet & Inflammation

Author Katie Mazzia MS RD CDE is a nutritionist at Vail Valley Medical Center. Inflammation is an important part of the healing process following an injury. It's easy to see inflammation taking place when we have an injury with the... Read More