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Hike Wine & Dine on September 21

Vail CO—Have you ever taken a water break on a hike only to be wined and dined by Beaver Creek's top chefs? If you attended last year's Hike Wine & Dine then perhaps that was the last time you sampled gourmet nibbles and sips while... Read More

Prepare for Cold & Flu Season

As the air turns colder and more time is spent indoors cold and flu season begins. These airborne upper respiratory infections spread quickly via sneezing coughing and touching. Getting a flu shot will help protect you from the flu... Read More

Master Plan Parking Decision

During the past two years Vail Valley Medical Center has collaborated with neighbors medical staff Town of Vail planners and expert consultants to draft a Master Facility Plan. This plan will help guide us in remodeling and building... Read More

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements: Good or Bad?

Dr. Dennis Lipton took a multi-vitamin most of his life. As a health conscious longevity-minded individual he wanted to make sure he was getting enough nutrients to fuel his active lifestyle. “It seemed pretty logical” said Lipton.... Read More


There's no question that gluten-free diets have taken America by storm but it's important to keep in mind that gluten itself is not the bad guy. A protein composite derived from wheat and a few other grains gluten is not an inherently... Read More