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New Breast Screening Guidelines Cause Debate

The American Cancer Society (ACS) recently changed its long-standing guidelines for breast diagnostics now advising women to begin a screening program at age 45 five years later than the previous recommendation. Additionally the ACS is... Read More

6 Ways To Avoid Antibiotic Overuse

Antibiotics can save lives but overuse poses a serious threat to the human body. Vail Valley Medical Center collaborated with seven Colorado hospitals on a two-year study which followed 533 children and adults hospitalized for soft... Read More

Families of Vail

The Vail Valley has an inimitable pull for so many people. Many are drawn to the wild beauty the never-ending backyard of National Forest terrain and a sense of adventure. But amenities such as outstanding medical care and small-town... Read More

Physicians Recognized By Their Peers

VAIL CO — Vail Valley Medical Center recently announced the 2015 winners of the Physician of the Year Clinical Excellence and Rising Star awards presented to Drs. Brajtbord Riberdy and Ickes respectively. The awards were presented at... Read More

Vail Valley Medical Center Earns Communications Awards

VAIL — Vail Valley Medical Center was recently awarded the Colorado Nonprofit Project of the Year for Pink Vail at the Colorado Healthcare Communicator's Gold Leaf Awards in Denver. Pink Vail also won a Gold Leaf Award in the large... Read More

Mountains of Discovery

Jason Moore PhD PA knows that not everything we abide by in the world of medicine is irrefutable fact. Actually disputing common practices and finding better ways to provide treatment is a passionate side project for some local doctors... Read More

The Story Behind The Name

About 20 years ago Harold Shaw told his doctor and good friend Dr. Jack Eck that he was thinking of pulling away from Vail a second home he and his family had been deeply involved with since the late 1960s. The elevation had become an... Read More

Hip strengthening exercises for ski season

It's fall and the winter season will soon force change in our active lives. The shoulder season is a great time to train for the different activities ahead — like skiing and snowboarding. The demands on our bodies change as we... Read More