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Grateful to Hospital


I recently delivered my third baby at Vail Valley Medical Center and want to share how happy my husband and I have been with the two birth experiences we've had here in Vail. Both times I went into labor naturally and arrived at the hospital after hours. The admission process was seamless and the nurses have always been knowledgeable compassionate and respectful of our wishes. I always felt that my babies and I were in great care during and after delivery.

When we arrived at VVMC I was whisked up to the Women & Children's Center to be prepped for delivery before my husband could gather everything from the car! The labor and delivery team was extremely calm and collected and made our arrival feel as though we were the only guests on the entire floor. The entire nursing staff far exceeded our expectations and we could not be happier with the experience. Our little boy was our second baby to be delivered at Vail Valley Medical Center and my husband and I are both extremely grateful for the professional courteous and authentic staff who made our stay so relaxed and memorable!

Ashley & Christian Apetz
Avon CO