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Rob Monroe

Rob Monroe was diagnosed with the flu. Despite antibiotics, he kept getting weaker and shorter of breath. "I couldn't lie down," he says. "I couldn't breathe." So Monroe saw a second doctor. This one... Read More

Small Town Feel Big City Care

It's certainly not what many people living in or visiting Vail imagine when they find themselves in need of emergency healthcare services — after a skiing or automobile accident perhaps or a heart attack — but the care they receive... Read More

The power of positivity

This article was written by Kirsten Dobroth and originally ran in the Vail Daily on June 28 2016 Shaw Regional Cancer Center offers a plethora of programs such as yoga to help incorporate more individualized aspects of treatment into a... Read More

Understanding Women's Heart Health

This article was written by Kirsten Dobroth and originally ran in the Vail Daily on June 21 2016. In a public service announcement for the American Heart Association actress Elizabeth Banks plays a mother going through her morning... Read More

Eagle County Super Kid Davis Hermes

Just one look was all it took for Davis Hermes to determine his future: slacklining. For those not familiar with the sport, think tightrope walking on loose webbing. Add a few back flips, knee drops, chest and butt bounces, and... Read More

Snack Smarter

Just as preparation is the key to a fantastic first day on the mountain - six weeks of ski conditioning classes in the rearview and freshly waxed and tuned sticks make for a lovely inaugural day, for instance - foresight is key to... Read More

Increasing the Odds

VAIL CO — While Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the nation's leading cause of unexpected death only one out of 35 Eagle County Sheriff's Office patrol cars was equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator (DEFIB)—until now. Thanks... Read More

Grateful to Hospital

I recently delivered my third baby at Vail Valley Medical Center and want to share how happy my husband and I have been with the two birth experiences we've had here in Vail. Both times I went into labor naturally and arrived at the... Read More

Excellent Care at VVMC

This story was originally printed in the Vail Daily on May 22, 2016. I'm reaching out to express my extreme gratitude for the care provided for my dad by the staff of Vail Valley Medical Center in 2015. My dad, Gary... Read More

Cellular Healing

Johnny Huard starts his day with a five-mile run. Like most runners he loves the endorphins. But the knee pain? Not so much. “I feel it today” he says “and I'll feel it tomorrow.” But he isn't just gritting his teeth and swallowing... Read More