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Vote YES For Mental Health - Ballot Issue 1A

On the front lines where our police officers, paramedics, nurses and physicians see mental illness and substance abuse on full display, it is scary and heartbreaking. These issues affect every age and income level in Eagle County. Our... Read More

Eat Like A Dietitian

Nutrition experts aren’t perfect when it comes to eating, but they do usually implement the main pillars of a balanced diet: nutrition, variety and moderation.  Unfortunately, there is not a cookie-cutter methodology that... Read More

Could It Be Brain Fog?

Brain fog: it’s as if your thoughts must squeeze through a porous sponge before they come out of your mouth. It’s difficult to focus — wait — what focus? Moments of confusion ensue. Oh, and memory: Searching for... Read More

Carbs for Athletes

Vail Health's registered dietician Katie Mazzia and clinicical dietician Lisa Bentley, share carbohydrate tips for bikers and runners.    RECOMMENDATIONS FOR RUNNERS   Although... Read More

Mindfulness at Mealtimes

Research shows changing how we eat can lead to weight loss and the practice of intuitive, mindful eating may also relieve stress, helps with high blood pressure and stomach distress! Hurried eating patterns set us up for overeating... Read More