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Satisfying Sweets Without The Extra Sugar

Being mindful of added sugar consumption helps maintain health and prevent potential chronic disease.  The US government's 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) daily recommended limits for added sugar are 6 teaspoons... Read More

6 Summer Salads With A Twist

Country Living Magazine is featuring amazing summer salads featuring fresh and healthy ingredients including peaches, avocados, asparagus, grapes and so much more. Time to put a new twist on salads. ASPARAGUS, SNAP PEA AND RADISH... Read More

Spot A Stroke FAST

WHY SHOULD I CALL 9-1-1 AT THE FIRST SIGN? Time is of the essence! Nationally, only 5% of people having strokes receive treatment because they wait too long to seek it. Don’t wait. Call for help right away. DOES THE... Read More

Uncovering The Secrets of Human Movement

As a mecca for outdoor sports’ enthusiasts, Vail is an ideal place to study the human body in motion. That’s why Vail Health and Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) built a state-of-the-art BioMotion Lab on the... Read More