Tips To Improve Your Form For Winter Sports

This article was first published in VVMC's Vail Health Magazine, spring 2016 edition. Free copies are available at newsstands throughout Eagle County. Howard Head Sports Medicine's physical therapists Zack Dicristino,... Read More

A Plan For The Future

Eagle County's hospital of the future is unfolding and I am pleased to share our progress. For more than 50 years Vail Valley Medical Center has grown with the community and our campus in Vail was due for modernization. We are... Read More

VVMC Gives Back To The Community

There have been some recent articles discussing the level of charity care provided by Vail Valley Medical Center. I thought it would be important for the community to understand what the term charity care represents as well as the full... Read More

Eagle County Super Kid Jack Arnot

Jack Arnot grew up casting a traditional spinner reel with his mom, Katie Mazzia, a registered dietitian nutritionist at Vail Valley Medical Center. At 10, his dad gave him a fly-fishing rod and he became, well, hooked. After... Read More

Super Tips For Superfoods

Yes, Kale and spinach may be two of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, but if you don't consume them in a specific way, you risk missing out on some of the most important health benefits - a real shame, especially if... Read More

New Vice President of Shaw Regional Cancer Center

Edwards, CO-Vail Valley Medical Center recently announced the appointment of Stacy Toyama as vice president of Shaw Cancer Center, located on the Edwards Medical Campus. Toyama brings over 14 years of experience in cancer care to... Read More

The Cost Of Healthcare

The high cost of health insurance is a topic of concern for everyone especially me. As the president and CEO of Vail Valley Medical Center my top priorities every day are improving patient outcomes and controlling the price of health... Read More

Five Plant-Based Proteins

With the recent well publicized study about benefits of plant based protein, and the harms of animal based proteins, especially red meat, you may be wondering how to get the right protein. Our body needs protein to repair tissues... Read More

Walk-In Clinic To Open In Edwards

VAIL CO—Vail Valley Medical Center will open a new Walk-in Clinic on the Edwards Medical Campus on Tuesday September 6. The addition will make seeking healthcare in the area more convenient. “Since nearly 25 percent of our... Read More