Prevent Frostbite

Frostbite occurs when your body tissue freezes resulting in death of cells and tissues. It is most common in the nose ears chin fingers and toes. Fortunately it is easily preventable with some planning and preparation. Be aware of... Read More

New Breast Screening Guidelines Cause Debate

The American Cancer Society (ACS) recently changed its long-standing guidelines for breast diagnostics now advising women to begin a screening program at age 45 five years later than the previous recommendation. Additionally the ACS is... Read More

6 Ways To Avoid Antibiotic Overuse

Antibiotics can save lives but overuse poses a serious threat to the human body. Vail Valley Medical Center collaborated with seven Colorado hospitals on a two-year study which followed 533 children and adults hospitalized for soft... Read More

Families of Vail

The Vail Valley has an inimitable pull for so many people. Many are drawn to the wild beauty the never-ending backyard of National Forest terrain and a sense of adventure. But amenities such as outstanding medical care and small-town... Read More

Physicians Recognized By Their Peers

VAIL CO — Vail Valley Medical Center recently announced the 2015 winners of the Physician of the Year Clinical Excellence and Rising Star awards presented to Drs. Brajtbord Riberdy and Ickes respectively. The awards were presented at... Read More

Diet & Inflammation

Author Katie Mazzia MS RDN CDE is a registered dietitian nutritionist and diabetes educator at Vail Valley Medical Center. Inflammation is an important part of the healing process following an injury. Sometimes it's easy to see... Read More