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Colorado tests COVID-19 vaccine delivery with a trial run to Vail Health

John LaConte

VAIL — Vail Health received a special delivery on Tuesday as the state department of public health readies for the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine in Colorado.

In an official drill, a convoy of state agencies simulated what the vaccine’s arrival will look like in Vail.

Vail Health was the first site selected in Colorado for the test run. When the real vaccine arrives to various UPS or FedEx shipping centers around the state, a courier service will be used to send the vaccine to hubs like Vail Health.

Courier Lee Gomez said the ride was tense, but also a welcome diversion from his regular courier duties. As one of the owners of Swift Courier Services, he took on the job personally.

“Printing companies, real estate, pharmacists, you name it, we do it,” he said, however, “never with some many people following, and state patrol.”

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