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Annual Pink Vail breaks fundraising record

Emily Tamberino

This article orginially ran in the Vail Daily on April 3 2016

VAIL — There were pink gorillas unicorns cowboys mohawks fu manchus and $734611 was raised for the Shaw Regional Cancer Center at the fifth annual Pink Vail event on Saturday on Vail Mountain.

Pink Vail is the biggest ski day to conquer cancer with all of the money raised going toward the local cancer center in Edwards. This year there were 2926 participants filling the slopes with ages ranging from infant to 88.

“I've had two friends who've died of caner since it started and they both got wonderful treatment at Shaw so I'm just trying to raise money for people in their memory” said Patsy Rowe of team Rebel Yells.

There were 224 teams fundraising for Pink Vail this year with participants from 46 different states.

“It just gets better every year” Julie Woulf said. “I'm a concierge and our hotel is filled with people here just for Pink Vail. It's awesome.”

The featured costume contests raffles and lots of pink with a little skiing and snowboarding mixed in.

Local musician Jonny Mogambo was performing at Mid Vail in his first time as part of Pink Vail.

“It's an honor to be here” Mogambo said. “I've had cancer survivors in my family so coming out to Pink Vail is an honor a pleasure and it's incredible to see the support of all the people here.”

The annual event which has now raised over $2 million in five years brought out 211 cancer survivors to the Vail slopes on a bluebird day. It was also a good chance to get out and enjoy the weather with the family.

“Now it becomes a family ski day which are really rare so that's awesome and plus it's for a good cause” local Ryan Sutter said. “It's been fun to watch it grow and grow.”

In the end $734611 was raised this year and it will all go toward helping patients at the Shaw Regional Cancer Center.

“It's really just a privilege for us to be able to use the mountain to let everybody get out and have fun in the name of fighting cancer and helping Shaw” said Chris Jarnot executive vice president and chief operating officer for Vail Resorts. “It's an honor just to help that cause.”

Reporter Ross Leonhart can be reached at 970-748-2915 and Follow him on Instagram at colorado_livin_on_the_hill.

Participants: 2926
Volunteers: 344 (doing 420 jobs)
Donations: 5291
Teams: 224
Age range: Infant to 88 years old
Cancer survivors participating: 211
States participating: 46
Dollars raised: $734611
Five-year total: Over $2.4 million