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How to Stay Healthy at Altitude

Moving on up isn't always so comfortable. High-altitude living can bring about physical stresses and it's important to assist your body in adjusting to mountain elevations. A registered nurse at Vail Health offers new... Read More

Vail Doc Swims English Channel

If you're Dr. Tom Hackett swimming the English Channel is the second most fun you can have in the dark. It really was a dark and stormy night when Hackett orthopaedic surgeon with the Steadman Clinic swam 34 miles across the English... Read More

Is Your Child's Heart Sports Ready?

When a high school football player died of sudden cardiac death it shook a community. When an Olympic favorite in volleyball died in the same tragic way it shook a world. Every year 2000 people under the age of 25 die from sudden... Read More

A Small Town With Big City Care

When Dr. Scott Schneider a radiation oncologist in VancouverWashington was faced with a complicated breast cancer case lastyear he presented the case to a specialist on the other side ofthe country - without ever leaving his office.... Read More

10 Under 60

While waiting at the Vail Valley Medical Center consider popping out into town and enjoying some of the things that help define Vail. As far as hospitals go Vail Valley Medical Center is a pretty nice place to wait. The committed... Read More

On To The Next Chapter

Dear Editor: I am weathering bittersweet waves of memories of a place I mustleave now. For the past seven months I have been in a place thatfeels like heaven. The vistas from my windows have sometimes beenmajestic mountains covered in... Read More