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VVMC Volunteer Corps Board Installs New Officers

Didi Doolittle

The Vail Valley Medical Center Volunteer Corps recently held its annual board of directors installation on a lovely sunny evening at Vista Restaurant in Arrowhead. Their beautiful outdoor patio with views of the golf course made for a delightful setting for the event.

This event brought together past and present board members and volunteers to honor their mission of “supporting the highest level of compassionate patient-centered care at Vail Valley Medical Center facilities.”

Dick Woodrow president of the Volunteer Corps board four out of the last five years thanked each and every volunteer and board member for their outstanding efforts over the past year.

“I am so proud to have served as the VVMC Volunteer Corps board president” he said. “I am honored that my last duty as president is to present on behalf or the Volunteer Corps a $50000 donation to the hospital that went towards the purchase of the Breast Tomosynthesis 3D Digital Mammography machine.”

The $50000 donation was presented to VVMC executives Doris Kirchner CEO Peggy Carey vice president of oncology at the Shaw Cancer Center of VVMC Colleen Berga manager of Sonnenalp Breast Center at Shaw Cancer Center of VVMC.

Upon presentation of the check Kirchner thanked the hard-working volunteers.

“We appreciate all of you” Kirchner said. “It is so wonderful to get together and celebrate these victories.”

The newly installed board of directors are as follows: president Debby Jasper vice president Nancy Berg second vice president Joyce Chizmadia treasurer Gail Nash assistant treasurer Jacquie Landt corresponding secretary Marcy Woodrow and recording secretary Kimberly Spahmer.

A special “thank you” goes out to volunteer and special event chair Sandy Jacaruso for organizing this fun officer installation celebration.

For more information or to become a volunteer call (970) 469-5068 or go to