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Ask an Expert

Question: I LOVE RUNNING BUT I'M STARTING TO GET PRETTY BEAT UP. DO YOU RECOMMEND A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MILES PER WEEK FOR A RECREATIONAL RUNNER? Answer: This is always a challenging question to answer especially when working with... Read More

Don't Merely Survive...Thrive

There's a camaraderie among cancer survivors that isn't easily replicated. “We've been through all the same things together” says Eagle resident Holli Snyder who was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2010. By August of that... Read More

USSA Honors Dr. Tom Hackett

Tom Hackett MD an orthopedic surgeon at The Steadman Clinic in Vail Colorado was selected for the 2013 USSA J. Leland Sosman Award recognizing his commitment to the medical coverage and service to the USSA. Dr. Hackett has been the... Read More

A Match Made in Medicine

On an early autumn morning in 2005 Dr. Terrell Joseph went down on one knee in the swaying basket of a hot air balloon. As the craft began to sail above Minturn the soon-tobe-local surgeon asked his terrified companion her hand in... Read More

All Pain Isn't Created Equal

Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience to actual or potential tissue damage. This explains the obvious in that pain is uncomfortable but also illustrates that pain involves an emotional response to the... Read More

The Skinny on Skincare

SKIN — IT HOLDS IT ALL TOGETHER. As the body's largest organ and the most exposed skin needs a little TLC if it's going to stay healthy for the long haul. And that's where Jean Liu Urquhart M.D. comes in. Both a board certified... Read More

Decoding Sports Drinks

The perfect sports drink has fluid to keep your blood and muscle cells hydrated carbohydrate for energy plus sodium and potassium so your heart and other muscles work like a fine tuned machine. Who may benefit from a sports drink?... Read More

New 'Ask a Sports Doc' Column Makes its Debut

I have a question for Dr. Cunningham. I am a finish carpenter from Eagle and recently had immediate pain in my knee after simply standing up from a squatting position. There is now sharp pain at times in my knee especially when I rotate... Read More