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In the Balance

Imagine the life a child could grow up to have if he or she spoke multiple languages played a musical instrument was a champion skier/rock climber/endurance runner had pen pals in 14 countries earned perfect grades ... and was so busy... Read More

Gasping for Air

Anyone who has had such a bad coughing fit that they end up gasping for air has an inkling of how serious whooping cough can be. While it may sound like an exotic or outdated disease to some it's actually on the rise ­­— particularly... Read More

Protein Busters: Building Muscle Mass

Author Katie Mazzia MS RD CDE is a nutritionist at Vail Valley Medical Center. MYTH: You need large amounts of protein to build muscle mass. TRUTH: Any excess protein beyond what the body needs is burned for energy or stored... Read More

Year One: Success

One year ago the Vail Valley Surgery Center in Edwards opened with high hopes. The vision was the beautiful new center would better serve the entire valley's medical needs offering excellent surgical treatments in a warm and friendly... Read More

Robot Joins Neonatal Nursery Team

It was a tense situation - one no new parent wants. The baby girl – though small – seemed the picture of health after birth. Then the baby began to cry and worsen before their eyes as she developed complications from her premature... Read More

VVMC Volunteer Corps Board Installs New Officers

The Vail Valley Medical Center Volunteer Corps recently held its annual board of directors installation on a lovely sunny evening at Vista Restaurant in Arrowhead. Their beautiful outdoor patio with views of the golf course made for a... Read More

Professional Pains

We spend at least a third of our lives working so it's not surprising our jobs affect our health. Work-related health problems are typically thought of as caused by accidents toxic chemicals or jobs that threaten one's safety such as... Read More