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Cassat Joins Steadman Clinic

Vail Daily

The Steadman Clinic an orthopedic clinic with facilitieslocated in Vail and Frisco has hired Dr. Michael Cassat to joinits specialized team of physicians. Cassat brings a family medicineand primary care sports medicine background to the clinic. Hetreats patients from all walks of life who present with joint painminor ligament injuries sprains and minor fractures.

With a focus on sports-related injuries chronic overuse injuriesand conditions that occur as the result of sports training andtrauma sustained during competition Cassat is skillfully trainedto treat high endurance athletes of all ages. He has a particularinterest in triathletes and rodeo athletes.

Cassat attended medical school at the University of Arkansas andlater completed his residency and internship in Fayetteville at theArea Health Education Center Northwest. He has been a teamphysician for numerous high school students and professional teamsand is also a member of the Justin Sports Medicine team for theProfessional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

During his first week on the job at the clinic Cassat treatedpatients from all over Vail for injuries ranging from sprainsfractures and dislocations to chronic pain suffered fromarthritis.

Cassat consults with patients in Frisco on Mondays and ThursdaysEdwards on Tuesdays and Fridays and Vail on Wednesdays.

To schedule an appointment with The Steadman Clinic call970-476-1100 or obtain additional information relating to sportsinjuries.