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Excellent Care at VVMC

This story was originally printed in the Vail Daily on May 22, 2016. I'm reaching out to express my extreme gratitude for the care provided for my dad by the staff of Vail Valley Medical Center in 2015. My dad, Gary... Read More

Slim for Survival

Holli Snyder has always exercised but maintaining an ideal weight was a challenge. Until now. Slim for Survival gave her the tools to reach her weight goal – and stay there. Slim for Survival is a new weight-loss program just for... Read More

The Future of Regenerative Sports Medicine

Imagine what orthopaedic sports medicine could be 10 years from now. What if a person's own stem cells could be injected or combined with exercise to help patients delay or avoid joint replacement - or heal faster-or enable... Read More

Eagle County Super Kid Benji Dantas

As a toddler, Benjamin (Benji) Dantas would scare his poor mother, Kelly, a Vail Valley Medical Center employee, on a daily basis. She'd come down to the kitchen in the mornings only to find Benji on top of the counter having... Read More

The Ever-Evolving Zika Virus

This article has been reprinted from the Vail Daily's post on February 15 2016 written by Kirsten Dobroth. **See below for additional references. The Zika outbreak in Brazil is the latest health emergency to grab the world's... Read More

The Heart Of An Emergency

A day before Roskovich flew back home with his wife to Maryland to rejoin his daughters friends and other family members Linda Roskovich remarked that the system in place to respond to a medical event like the one her husband underwent... Read More