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Vail Health presents Shaw Cancer Center’s Erin Perejda with inaugural Elevate Award

Vail Daily

Working in health care is often associated with long hours, stress, tough decisions and days, and often thankless tasks — especially in recent years. So, in order to give thanks and acknowledge the dedication of health care workers, Vail Health recently created the Elevate Award, which gives patients an opportunity to nominate and thank employees who have touched their lives in some way.

A number of Vail Health staff and community members gathered Monday at the Shaw Cancer Center in Edwards to honor the first recipient of the award — Erin Perejda, the supportive care services manager and licensed clinical social worker at the center.

“We all got into health care for a similar reason, and that’s to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, and what a noble profession. … We don’t just treat that patient; we know their family, we know their history, we know their celebrations, we know their challenges and we adjust the way that we treat them based on their life,” said Michael Holton, Vail Health’s chief marketing and experience officer, at the award presentation.

Nominate Vail Health, Colorado Mountain Medical, Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, Howard Head Sports Medicine and Shaw Cancer Center staff: