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Christi Sewell Honored as Recipient of Vail Health Elevate Award

Sally Welsh

RN, OCN in the Patient Care Unit recognized for exceptional care

Christi Sewell, a registered nurse with an orthopedic nurse certification at Vail Health, has been named the fifth recipient of the Vail Health Elevate Award. Vail Health created the Elevate Award in June 2022 to give patients and their families an opportunity to nominate and thank employees who have touched their lives in some way. 
Sewell grew up in the Vail Valley and has worked for Vail Health for seven years. While primarily located at the Patient Care Unit, she helps many departments, including the Shaw Cancer Center, the Family Birth Center, Intensive Care Unit, and the 24/7 program. Sewell also worked tirelessly at numerous Vail Health COVID-19 clinics. 
Sewell was nominated for the award by patient Bob Catlin.
“Christi exemplifies a spirit of partnership in care,” said Catlin. “In my past hospital experiences, I have very much felt like I was the patient, and the medical staff were the experts, so I should just ride along with whatever they decided to do. But with Christi, I felt free to ask questions about what was happening, to ask for help whenever I needed it, and to have her take the time to address my needs.”
“Christi was masterful at keeping me informed,” he said. “Just as important as the technical care giving, I always felt Christi’s compassion come through…She was great from the first moments, at getting to know me (beyond my medical requirements). We had some great conversations about travel, family, my work (etc) that helped me develop a level of trust that is so important during a time when everything is strange and just a bit scary.” 
Catlin was appreciative of the thorough attention he received from his entire care team at Vail Health.
“As we left, my wife (Karen) said, ‘You were so lucky with the nurses you had,’ and I couldn’t have agreed more. I was taken care of by the best of the best. Words aren’t enough, but Thank You, Christi (and team),” said Catlin. “I can’t believe that I have to pick just one person to recognize because, in truth, the whole team exceeded every expectation I had about what a hospital experience can be. So, please share my thoughts with the other nurses who had such a positive impact on my experience: Aryn, Carol and Wendy; I send my deepest thanks and appreciation.”
The Elevate Award directly aligns with Vail Health’s mission of elevating health across our mountain communities. Past Elevate Award winners include: Erin Perejda, the supportive care services manager and licensed clinical social worker at Vail Health Shaw Cancer Center, June 2022; Susan Vickerman, MD, a family medicine physician at Colorado Mountain Medical, August 2022; Meghan Gallegos, Howard Head Sports Physical Therapist, December 2022; and Allie Morgan, Patient Care Unit Registered Nurse, April 2023. 
Patients and family members are encouraged to nominate staff who made a meaningful difference in their health care experience. Nominees can work in any area of the Vail Health healthcare system—including admissions, laboratory, surgery centers, Howard Head Sports Medicine, Shaw Cancer Center, Colorado Mountain Medical, Eagle Valley Behavioral Health and more.
To nominate Vail Health, Colorado Mountain Medical, Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, Howard Head Sports Medicine and Shaw Cancer Center staff, visit