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The Freedom To Play

The vail area provides plenty of prime playground space for kids and adults alike. With a mountain environment that offers year-round opportunities for outdoor sports and a rich creative culture that allows children the... Read More

Happy Feet

Dr. John Paul Elton a Harvard-trained foot and ankle specialist with Vail-Summit Orthopaedics. Whether we are walking running or standing it is our feet that support our bodies help us balance and propel us forward in our activities. The... Read More

The Sugar Spectrum

When it comes to sugar sometimes we eat too much of it without even knowing. Sugar is hidden in unlikely places even in foods we eat all the time.” It's easy to eat sugar unintentionally as it's often added to so-called "health foods." Read More

Several Lives Saved At New Cath Lab

Cardiologists Dr. Nelson Prager and Dr. Jerry Greenberg led a tour of the new cardiac catheterization (cath) lab at Vail Valley Medical Center. Since opening on Feb. 26 doctors in the facility have performed 12 cardiac catheterizations... Read More