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Head Start - Best Breakfast Foods to Fuel Your Body

The best way to start the day is with something healthy” says internist Dr. Dennis Lipton. We know this intuitively but when it comes to choosing from traditional breakfasts which range from eggs and bacon to blueberry muffins and... Read More

High School Athletes Receive Free Physicals

VAIL CO — Nearly 250 high school boys and girls received free physical exams on Saturday from volunteer physicians and athletic trainers from Vail Valley Medical Center and The Steadman Clinic. Runners skiers dancers football and ice... Read More

The Freedom To Play

The vail area provides plenty of prime playground space for kids and adults alike. With a mountain environment that offers year-round opportunities for outdoor sports and a rich creative culture that allows children the... Read More

Happy Feet

For those dealing with plantar fasciitis treatment can provide fuller more active lives. Here in the mountains we jam our feet into stiff ski boots hammer them on hikes and squeeze them into tiny climbing shoes. What are some common... Read More

The Sugar Spectrum

Healthy and active as most of us are in the Vail Valley we rarely worry about the amount of sugar we're consuming. Chug a Mountain Dew for a little pick-me-up? We figure we'll burn it off after a few powder turns. If we're bonking or... Read More

Several Lives Saved At New Cath Lab

VAIL — A few years ago the National Ski Areas Association released numbers confirming the existence of something to which many here have enjoyed contributing: an aging skier population. It said the average age of skiers and... Read More