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Professional Pains

We spend at least a third of our lives working so it's not surprising our jobs affect our health. Work-related health problems are typically thought of as caused by accidents toxic chemicals or jobs that threaten one's safety such as... Read More

Hospital in Need of New Helipad Location

Vail residents and Vail Valley Medical Center patients generally agree about the importance of having air ambulance service to the hospital. What that service might look like in the future is where that agreement starts to strain. The... Read More

Nourishing Medicine

Getting sick or having an accident that results in surgery is a major life event. But sometimes a stay in the hospital is just the beginning of what can be a long road to recovery. Being laid up at home fragile and tired can be... Read More

Got Visitors?

Naturally not every visitor is fit for a brisk haul up the mountain or an afternoon on the slopes. But because Vail Valley Medical Center is situated closer to the pulse of a resort than most any other topnotch hospital it seems a shame... Read More

Ask an Expert

Question: I LOVE RUNNING BUT I'M STARTING TO GET PRETTY BEAT UP. DO YOU RECOMMEND A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MILES PER WEEK FOR A RECREATIONAL RUNNER? Answer: This is always a challenging question to answer especially when working with... Read More

Don't Merely Survive...Thrive

There's a camaraderie among cancer survivors that isn't easily replicated. “We've been through all the same things together” says Eagle resident Holli Snyder who was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2010. By August of that... Read More

USSA Honors Dr. Tom Hackett

Tom Hackett MD an orthopedic surgeon at The Steadman Clinic in Vail Colorado was selected for the 2013 USSA J. Leland Sosman Award recognizing his commitment to the medical coverage and service to the USSA. Dr. Hackett has been the... Read More

Vail Valley Medical Center Offers 3D Cancer Prevention

When Dr. Janice Ugale first learned of Breast Tomosynthesis about five years ago she recognized it was the next big breakthrough in breast cancer detection. The breast imaging radiologist knew the new 3D technology had the potential to... Read More