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Vail Hospital Opens New Patient Resource Center

Vail Valley Medical Center is pleased to announce the opening ofthe new Patient Resource Center - Kimberly's Corner. The newcenter named in honor Kimberly Linn McDonald was created to serveas a place of respite and resource for patients... Read More

Patient Compares Test Costs

Thanks Patti Sills for the following editorial in the Vail Daily on April 10 2012. It's important for patients to be active in deciding where to get their care and we are very proud that Vail Valley Medical Center is so competitively... Read More

The Ins and Outs of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hot flash! Bone density! Hormones! The changes in estrogenlevels in women going through menopause have interested doctors andpatients for nearly a century. Synthetic estrogen was developed inthe 1920s and by the mid-1930s it was being... Read More