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Thanks For Supporting Pink Vail

Doris Kirchner | President and CEO Vail Valley Medical Center

On March 3 our community rallied around Pink Vail. There wereover 700 registered participants skiing and snowboarding on apinkified Vail Mountain many donning their best pinkcostumes.

But the day was much more than just an ordinary ski day for many.It was a way to honor the strong women in our lives who have foughtbreast cancer.

Pink Vail was also a reason to raise funds and our community didjust that. Over 1900 donors raised nearly $180000 to supportprograms and resources at Shaw Regional Cancer Center a service ofour nonprofit Vail Valley Medical Center.

For many the pinnacle of the day was the "Celebration SkiDown."

Nearly 300 survivors friends family and supporters of breastcancer gathered at the top of the gondola led by inspirationalwords from survivor Charla Blizzard Dr. Patricia Hardenbergh andShaw's vice president Peggy Carey.

A sea of pink paraded down Simba many teams skiing together theentire run and finished in the ski yard at Lionshead where theywere cheered in by supporters and spectators.

Pink Vail was a strong example of our community's compassion andcaring -- traits that our cancer and medical center strive todeliver each day.

I'd like to extend my deepest appreciation to the sponsors whojoined us the tireless volunteers and the generous donors.

Thanks to so many Pink Vail was a truly amazing day.

Doris Kirchner
President and CEO Vail Valley Medical Center