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Surfing for Nutrition?

Katie Mazzia MS RD CDE | Vail Valley Medical Center

Author Katie Mazzia MS RD CDE is a nutritionist at Vail Valley Medical Center.

The Internet can be an awesome resource for food and nutrition information however not all of it is reliable or credible. Below are some of my favorite nutrition blogs and websites you can trust and might even give you a fresh perspective inspire you to cook more or try a new food!

  1. Nancy Clark's blog on sports nutrition:
  2. Digestive Nutrition:
  3. Sports Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition:
  4. Make sense of nutrition in the news:
  5. Quick and easy homemade food:
  6. “Fuel School”- offers a crash course in all things related to nutrition/food:
  7. Nutrition Blog Network-a collection of blogs written by registered dietitians:
  8. Gluten-Free and Family Focused:
  9. Mayo Clinic:
  10. Tufts Nutrition Navigator-rates and reviews websites: