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Pink Vail: We Did It!

Doris Kirchner & Peggy Carey | Vail Valley Medical Center & Shaw Regional Cancer Center

Thank you to everyone who was involved in Pink Vail on March 9. This year we had 104 spirited teams and more than 1300 pink participants from all over the county state and globe.

Together nearly 4000 donors gave $350476 for Shaw Regional Cancer Center's Spirit of Survival program that provides all patients at Shaw with free exercise classes nutritional counseling emotional support outdoor activities and more during and after treatment. This unique program helps ease the impacts of cancer — treating the entire person not just the disease.

Pink Vail was so much more than a ski day. It was a way to honor the strong men and women in our lives who have fought cancer and remember those who were taken from us too soon. Pink Vail was a magnificent example of our community's compassion and caring traits that Shaw Regional Cancer Center and Vail Valley Medical Center strive to deliver each day.

We'd like to extend our deepest appreciation to the participants who joined us the volunteers who worked tirelessly and the generous donors and sponsors who are impacting the lives of cancer patients treated at Shaw.

Thanks to so many Pink Vail was a truly amazing day.

Doris Kirchner
President and CEO Vail Valley Medical Center

Peggy Carey
Vice President Oncology Shaw Regional Cancer Center