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Pink Vail Signage Upcycled by Women Re-entering Workplace

Pink Vail | Shaw Regional Cancer Center

How can old event signage help women in need and reduce waste? In 2012 and 2013 over 40 signs were created to spread the good word about Pink Vail. That's a lot of vinyl! Many of the signs had outdated information and couldn't be used again. Rather than throw them away however we collaborated with Denver-based Mission Wear to create 48 one-of-a-kind Pink Vail tote bags made from the old banners. Mission Wear offers jobs to women in Denver who have obstacles to employment helping them achieve self-sufficiency. The "upcycled" bags will be given as prizes/gifts at Pink Vail on April 5 2014.

Banner Bag 2  Banner Bag 3 

Banner Bag 4   Banner Bag 5