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On To The Next Chapter

Nancy Taylor

Dear Editor:

I am weathering bittersweet waves of memories of a place I mustleave now. For the past seven months I have been in a place thatfeels like heaven. The vistas from my windows have sometimes beenmajestic mountains covered in fresh-fallen snow. Sometimes they arelush landscapes of streams trailing down green velvet meadows. Ihave hiked up winding paths beside rushing rivers surrounded byaspen trees under beautiful blue skies.

I have known angels disguised as doctors and nurses. They havebeen beside me every step of the way and never let me fall. Theseangels have healed my body and nourished and lifted my soul. Theyare always encouraging and loving with a kind of mother's loveand seem to have all the time in the world to bestow upon me.

When I have struggled they have helped me triumph. They havefluffed my pillows and covered me in warm blankets when I was cold.When I was hurting they held my hand and their kindness was asoothing balm to my pain. They have comforted me with sweet andcompassionate words when I was terrified.

I have doubled over in laughter at their jokes when I neededcheering up. When I have wept they have dried my tears. They havewashed my clothes when medicine had soiled them ... on Valentine'sDay ... when their valentine was waiting for them. Never hurryingme. Only lavishing attention on me. When it was time to celebratethey rejoiced and did the happy dance with me.

There is a special angel named Jack. He created a caring andloving refuge that he lets people live in when their lives havebeen shattered and they need a place to stay. He's there oftenhimself making sure everything is perfect and thinking of ways tosustain and make this beautiful paradise even better. He's kind ofa saint but he'd never let you think he is anyone special. Oh buthe is. Just ask anyone who has been blessed to stay in his home. Itis a place you can go to find peace when your world is fallingapart.

You would probably think that after seven months of being treatedfor cancer I'd want to get home as fast as I could. But this heavenI have been describing has been epically wondrous and leaving seemssad. So I leave now with tears in my eyes ... restoring tears ofinexplicable joy and a sweet sadness.

How can I ever adequately say what is in my heart to all theseangels who have been floating around me for these many months? Iwish I could find the words. I will just have to say thank you frommy heart. I am filled with gratitude as I wave good-bye to all theangels and saints in this little bit of heaven that is The ShawCancer Center and to Jack's Place in Edwards Colo.

You will be missed.

Nancy Taylor