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Olympic Rings In Vail

Lindsay Hogan | Vail Valley Medical Center

On Monday the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) visited Vail Valley Medical Center to announce the designation of The Steadman Clinic and Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) as a National Medical Center naming them the physician team behind the top 1000 athletes in the U.S. and just one of two medical centers to earn the title in the country.

This designation is given by invitation only and Dr. Bill Moreau managing director of sports medicine for the USOC said “These are the top-of-the-top athletes and these are the gold medal sports medicine doctors to support them.”
The Steadman Clinic isn't new to treating elite level athletes. “We have a long tradition of taking care of Olympic athletes both summer and winter” said Dr. Marc Philippon managing partner of The Steadman Clinic and co-chairman of the Steadman Philippon Research Institute. “We are thrilled to have this honor.”

The USOC medical network is currently comprised of two national medical providers The Steadman Clinic/SPRI and Hospital for Special Surgery in New York and five regional providers located in Colorado (2) New York (2) and Pennsylvania. National or regional designations are based on scope of available services and all providers must have a strong history within the following areas to qualify: multidisciplinary care sporting event coverage screening research and education prevention and performance services. The network of providers works together and provides immediate and long-term care for Olympic-level and Paralympic athletes. 

“We are so pleased to have the chance to give back to the athletes who have worked so hard to become Olympians and Paralympians and we look forward to working with Team USA for many years to come” said Dr. Richard Steadman founder of The Steadman Clinic and the nonprofit SPRI.