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Letter to the Editor From a Grateful Shaw Patient

Catherine Garland Aspen

“How was your visit to the Shaw Regional Cancer Center for treatment?” a good friend asked. “Wonderful!” I replied. “I love going over there!” “You're weird” she said.

Maybe but I have genuinely loved my seven months of traveling to Edwards for chemo and radiation treatments. Each time it was like a mini vacation slipping into a different reality where nothing but love existed. I know that sounds sappy but it's the only way I can describe my experience — a reality of genuine warmth and care and healing.

Cancer is a journey like any journey taking you to new places and new discoveries. It is a journey with many gifts and one of the greatest for me has been coming for treatment to the center and staying at Jack's Place.

Jack's Place is a wonderful house built by the community so that patients would have as little extra stress as possible. Beautiful large rooms with windows overlooking the mountains a yoga studio a meditation room sun room library big kitchen eating area etc. and a couple of minutes' walk to the cancer center itself. And I found it very helpful to be part of a community of others on the same journey.

A big thank you to all my angels in Edwards: my two doctors Dr. Urquhart and Dr. Hardenberg the nursing staff in the chemo treatment room who wrapped me in warm blankets brought me food and drink and treated me as if I were their only patient the nurses in the radiation area who put up a huge banner stretching across the room wishing me happy birthday on that day the fitness therapists who became good friends and many others.

I had a miraculous healing and I attribute it largely to the warm embrace of being in this atmosphere. Yes my friend I may be weird. I love my visits to Edwards for treatment!

Catherine Garland