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Breckenridge Resident Thanks Vail Doctors

Terrence Power | Breckenridge

On Saturday Oct. 20 I was on a bike ride from Breckenridge to Vail and back. Coming down from the top past the Black Lakes where the switchbacks in the trees run out to alongside the highway I must have hit some ice and crashed into an embankment.

I banged myself up pretty good and lost consciousness breaking my helmet and suffering cuts and road rash on my face and shoulder.

I was incredibly lucky that doctors Chip and Doug Vail Valley Medical Center emergency physicians were out for their 10000-foot climb day and came to my rescue. They looked me over (I was a bloody mess) helped me back on my bike and rode with me back to the service drive to meet my wife who was coming to take me to the hospital. They made sure I had all my gear put my bike in the rack and sent me on my way to the emergency room in Frisco.

I want to publicly and humbly thank them both for taking such good care of me. In an unfortunate situation for me I ended up with some of the best luck possible. Thank you again Doug and Chip. You have my respect and admiration.

Terrence Power