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Vail Health: Join Our Team

Oct 05, 2022

With positions clinical and non-clinical, from Summit County, Eagle County, the Eagle River Valley to the Roaring Fork Valley, discover a position for you in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado at Vail Health. Why join Vail Health? To us, it's about living life to the fullest while serving our patients, teammates, neighbors, and friends. We are dedicated and passionate in everything we do, seeking challenge and appreciating the unique routes that brought us all here.

The SOZO® Digital Health Platform's Additional Benefits, Explained

Feb 23, 2022

The SOZO® Digital Health Platform primarily is used for the detection of lymphedema in cancer patients, but it has the added benefit of being able to be used by patients and their physicians or physical therapists to optimize health. Dr. Julie Barone of Shaw Cancer Center, and Kristin Thomas of Howard Head Sports Medicine, demonstrate how the SOZO can benefit you.

Introducing the SOZO® Digital Health Platform at Vail Health

Feb 23, 2022

Cancer treatments can sometimes have rare, unintended consequences, including lymphedema (swelling due to build up of fluid in the body.) This can become a life long, serious condition if it isn't detected soon enough. At Vail Health, the Shaw Cancer Center and Howard Head Sports Medicine team up to use the SOZO® Digital Health Platform to detect lymphedema in cancer patients and treat it before it becomes serious. Vail Health has the SOZO® Digital Health Platform in both Eagle and Summit counties, and is the only organization to have these machines between Denver and Salt Lake City. Learn more about lymphedema treatment at this link: