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Heart Health as You Age with Dr. Katherine Scheutze

May 01, 2023

Dr. Katherine Schuetze, MD, FACC, is a cardiologist at Vail Health. In this talk, Dr. Scheutze reveals shares tips for maximizing your heart health as you get older, which medications are helpful and which are not, and how family history and genetics play a role in your heart health.

What is Caregiver Connections?

Aug 08, 2022

Caregiver Connections, formerly known as Eagle Valley Senior Life, was founded in 2011 by a group of caregivers and other invested individuals in response to the need for services and programs for older adults who require full-time care. Wendy Miller from Caregiver Connections sits down with Kirsten Conner to discuss all the positive impacts Caregiver Connections has on our community, and what resources might be available to you if you care for an aging parent or family member in the Vail valley.