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Family Birth Center Tour | Vail Health Hospital

Feb 23, 2023

The Family Birth Center at Vail Health hospital is undergoing an exciting remodel, ensuring that moms to be have an even more memorable experience having their baby at Vail Health. Z McDaniel, Director of the Family Birth Center, shows you all the amenities of the new rooms. | Call (970) 479-7181 for questions.

How the Family Birth Center is Reducing Opioid Use and Pain for Moms

Dec 16, 2022

Often the first place women can encounter opioid medications, and thus the potential for opioid addiction, is in the hospital while having their first child. To actively combat the opioid crisis in our community, Vail Health's Family Birth Center implemented a new strategy and medication plan to help new mothers use less opioid medication while also reducing the pain of vaginal or cesarean births. Kirsten Conner speaks with Z McDaniel, Director of the Family Birth Center, for all the details.