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Gear up for Spring Sports with Howard Head Sports Medicine

Feb 28, 2023

Though we're all still deep in snow, enjoying powder days, and enduring negative degree temps, believe it or not, spring is right around the corner. In this episode, Jin Park details how Howard Head Sports Medicine can get you prepped and strong for the spring season, from running analysis, our running club, and medical bike fits.

20 Years of Howard Head Sports Medicine in Summit County

Feb 27, 2023

For over twenty years, Howard Head Sports Medicine has provided physical therapy services to the locals and visitors of Summit County, Colorado. In this episode, Jin Park, Clinic Manager in Summit County, speaks with Mary Ellen Broersma about how far Howard Head has come, and what we're doing in the future to benefit the people of Summit County.

Family Birth Center Tour | Vail Health Hospital

Feb 23, 2023

The Family Birth Center at Vail Health hospital is undergoing an exciting remodel, ensuring that moms to be have an even more memorable experience having their baby at Vail Health. Z McDaniel, Director of the Family Birth Center, shows you all the amenities of the new rooms. | Call (970) 479-7181 for questions.

How the Family Birth Center is Reducing Opioid Use and Pain for Moms

Dec 16, 2022

Often the first place women can encounter opioid medications, and thus the potential for opioid addiction, is in the hospital while having their first child. To actively combat the opioid crisis in our community, Vail Health's Family Birth Center implemented a new strategy and medication plan to help new mothers use less opioid medication while also reducing the pain of vaginal or cesarean births. Kirsten Conner speaks with Z McDaniel, Director of the Family Birth Center, for all the details.

How Vail Health's Patient Care Unit is Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

Dec 15, 2022

To help combat the rise of the opioid crisis, and in acknowledgement that opioid addiction can occur after treatment in hospitals, Vail Health's nurses from the PCU (Patient Care Unit) proactively began an initiative called the Comfort Menu, a guide aimed to reduce the use of opioids by our patients while in our care. The results speak for themselves: patients in less pain, using fewer opioid medications, and in less danger of developing addiction. Kirsten Conner meets with Molly English, Director of the PCU and ICU, about the data, and how Vail Health's example is being emulated in other hospitals across the country.

What is "Howard Head Performance" and What Are the Benefits?

Dec 12, 2022

Howard Head Performance is a program designed to enhance the athlete in you. Whether you're a professional athlete, or a weekend warrior, Howard Head Performance offers athletic programs for everyone, including for active and former military. Learn more at

Become a Resident and Work With The US Ski Team

Dec 12, 2022

Kristyn Petracek is a physical therapist at Howard Head Sports Medicine, and a recent graduate of the Howard Head Sports Residency Program. Becoming a resident at Howard Head Sports Medicine is challenging, but there are so many perks, including the opportunity to work and travel with the US Ski Team! In this episode, Mary Ellen Broersma and Kristyn have all the details.

Meet a Physical Therapist Traveling With The US Ski Team

Dec 12, 2022

David Kurbatsky is a physical therapist at Howard Head Sports Medicine, and he has one big trick up his sleeve––he also travels during the competitive winter season with the US Ski Team around the world! In this episode from the Birds of Prey races at Beaver Creek, David details not only what a thrill and honor it is to treat some of the best skiers on the road, but also the challenges that comes with that, and, most importantly, how treating these world class athletes translates into the care he brings to everyday patients back at the clinic in Vail when he's at home.

The US Ski Team Physical Therapists Treat You

Nov 29, 2022

Howard Head Sports Medicine is the official medical provider of the US Ski Team, but what does that mean for you? Shannatay Bergeron of Vail Health asks Matt Mymern, clinical manager and physical therapist at Vail Health, about the details, and how treating the best athletes in the world means that Howard Head Sports Medicine physical therapists in turn bring the best care possible to you.

Protect Your Home from Wildfire | Eagle County, Colorado

Sep 16, 2022

Are you inviting a wildfire to burn down your home? On this field trip episode of Elevating Health, Eric Lovgren, the Community Migitation Manager for Eagle County, has the top #3 tips you need to harden your home against wildfire, and how you and your family can be prepared for the worst should you need to evacuate. Wildfire season is rapidly becoming year round in Colorado. Even after a summer of welcome precipitation, all it takes is one spark to start a devastating fire. As we witness fires in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington this September, and see smoke blown into Colorado from those states, it serves as a reminder that the every community, including ours, in the American West is at risk from fires. To get an assessment of your home, visit

The Mental Health Benefits of Cycling

May 18, 2022

Being outside and active not only benefits your physical health, but your mental health as well. In this special "field trip" episode of Elevating Health, Chris Lindley heads to Eagle to speak with Mike Brumbaugh of Venture Sports about the positive effects to a person's physical and mental health from biking.